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REVIEW: The House On Abigail Lane by Kealan Patrick Burke

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Did you like Stephen King’s 1408?

Of course you did - it’s a masterpiece.

The House On Abigail Lane is, for me, the spiritual successor to that story. Where 1408 offered a tiny, terrifying glimpse of other, alien worlds via a portal embedded in a hotel room, Abigail Lane (and the titular house) expands on the theme - showing more of these worlds, and telling its readers more about how and where they might have originated.

(Emphasis on the might here - happily for anyone who’d prefer not to have their alien otherworlds tied up with a neat narrative bow, there’s enough ambiguity on Abigail Lane’s final pages to keep you wondering).

It’s a wonderful book - beautifully written, and eerie as hell, every bit as good as 1408 in style and execution and suffused with a(n appropriately) dream-like quality that cranks up the creepiness as the story progresses.

Heartily, heartily recommended.

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