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I've written books across a variety of genres over the years: horror, crime, heist, murder mystery, Western... even romance.  

Check out some of them here!


A remote island. A group of prisoners. And an evil as old as time.


Robin didn’t mean to break the law. Didn’t know at first what law she’d broken. And now she’s on her way to Salt Rock — a new-model prison for a new kind of criminal, way out in the remote Northern Isles of Scotland.


On Salt Rock, she'll meet other prisoners like her — men and women from all over the world, spirited away from the lives they knew for crimes they didn’t know they were committing. She'll uncover the complex web of conspiracy that connects them all, confronting some of the darkness of her own past in the process. And she'll come face to face, finally, with an evil as old as the land itself.


It’s hell in those waters.​


"When you're an avid reader, it takes something quite unusual and spectacular in order to discover a horror you haven't yet encountered. Parker managed to succeed with this. I won't tell you what that something is [...] But it's worth the wait"

Janine Pipe, Scream Magazine




Bea has it - more than ever, since her husband left her.


Lou has it - has it in buckets, since she lost her job and her flat and had to move back in with her parents.


And whoever’s been murdering and mutilating the men whose bodies keep mounting up in Bea and Lou’s city - they’ve got it, too.


But when Bea moves to The Gates, an exclusive new estate with a strange and troubled history, and Lou’s interest in the murders leads her right to Bea’s door, the two women find the lines between nightmare and reality, history and myth and sanity and madness blurring around them - and a primeval entity born from the chaos of creation with her own appetite for rage rising up to meet them from the ground below.


She sees them. And she’s hungry.​


"A must-read!"

Kev Harrison, Author of The Balance 


There’s a storm brewing in Gallow: angry parents, protests at the school, a new priest up at the church with some very clear ideas on sin… and an unfamiliar face in the cottage on the edges of the village, carving sculptures out of skin and bone.It’s a powder keg. Even before the protestors start disappearing…


Jodie doesn’t want trouble - just to be left alone to raise her son in peace.


Tanya wants more God and less wickedness in her own son’s studies.


Tara wants to leave her complicated past behind her, if only it would let her go.


And all Jonas wants is to get some work done - and if he can make peace with his father while he’s at it, then so much the better.


But the woman in the cottage and the priest up at the church - they have very different goals in mind. And Jodie and Tanya, Tara and Jonas… they’re about to get caught in the crossfire.


With a Foreword by Stephanie Ellis, author of Paused and The Five Turns of the Wheel


"Hummingbird is the kind of novel labyrinth where the unexpected lurks around every corner. Parker's mosaic holds layer upon layer of gripping characters and supernatural tricks in a Pulp Fiction-esque horror show, where a monster's only weakness is another kind of monster. Immediately engrossing"

Hailey Piper, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of The Worm & His Kings



She doesn’t know where she’s been, these last few years, or how she came by the scars that mark her body. She can barely remember who she is, a lot of the time.


But Sasha knows Salvation Spring, the tiny nowhere town out in the middle of the desert that calls to her in dreams and haunts her waking life.


Getting there is hard. But what she’ll find there - and what the place will ask of her - will be much, much harder. Because the Spring isn’t what it seems - far from it. And neither, for that matter, is Sasha. Not by a long way.​


"Another winner from Parker - with an ending that shouldn’t have worked but totally sings. No small feat, that"

Daniel Barnett, Author of The Nightmareland Chronicles



Grifter, con-artist, inside-woman… call her what you want, El’s never said no to a heist.​


But when an old friend and a new crew come calling with an offer she can’t refuse, El finds herself stalking her most ruthless mark yet - one vicious and corrupt enough to test her skills to the limit and plunge her headlong into a world of violence, corruption and murder.​


A fast-paced crime cocktail blending elements of Widows, Ocean’s 11 and The Usual Suspects with the 90s nostalgia of The Place Beyond The Pines, THE LONG CON will wrap its hand around your throat from the very first page - and won’t let go until you’re gasping for breath


"​A mix of 90s nostalgia, sapphic tension and schemes that would put Danny Ocean himself to shame, TC Parker’s The Long Con is a thrilling read and Netflix would be a fool not to come knocking on her door"

April Yates, Author of Ashthorne

First published in 3 parts as THE DEBT, THE PUSH and THE REMEMBRANCE



Who do you trust, when everybody lies?


El Gardener is used to telling lies – as a con-artist, she’s made a career of it.


But when she takes on what seems to be a routine job as a favour to the woman who trained her, she finds herself plunged into the most personal con of her career – taking down the man who killed her mother 20 years before.


Joining forces with a team of talented but enigmatic con-women, all with their own reasons for wanting payback, El plots his downfall. But it isn’t long before she’s questioning their motivations, the secrets they’re keeping… and what she thinks she knows about her past.


How much is she willing to gamble for revenge? And how far can she trust the women she’s thrown in with?


Who do you trust, when everybody lies?



A 20 year old crime. A 40 year old mystery. And a deadly threat in the here and now.


El Gardener thinks she’s finished with the con - that she can walk away from the life of crime she’s lived since childhood.


But when a murderous attacker emerges out of nowhere and the people closest to her are threatened, she’s left with no choice but to take on one final, very dangerous job - and get her whole crew back together to defend her family.


With the terrible legacy of the last job they worked together still haunting them, they’ll travel halfway across the world to trap their mark, from the moors of North Yorkshire to the San Francisco Peninsula - confronting long-buried secrets, an unspeakable crime and an old enemy intent on taking his revenge on the women who’ve wronged him.


For El and her team, the clock is ticking - and the sins of the past are about to come calling.



They think they’ve lost everything. But there’s always more to lose.


1941: In Blitz-hit London, a budding serial killer discovers a taste for death that will set her on a lifelong path of calculated destruction.


1998: In the middle of their latest job, con artist El Gardener and her crew find themselves suddenly penniless and destitute - everything they had taken from them in the blink of an eye.


Getting it back will cost them dearly, throwing them directly in the crosshairs of a murderer more vicious and more merciless than any they’ve known before.


And not all of them will make it out alive.

Corrected eBook Taking Flight Cover .jpg



How long can you pretend to be someone you're not?​

Times are tough for Felicity Fitzgerald: once a hotshot designer, now an international disgrace. Stranded in San Francisco after running away from a cancelled wedding back in London, she’s out of money and out of luck - forced to take a job she doesn’t understand in a company she hates, just to make the rent on an apartment she doesn’t want to live in.​

But when smart, book-loving ad exec Eva Jensen enters the picture, it seems Felicity’s luck might just be changing. And when the opportunity to actually work with Eva presents itself, how can Felicity say no?​

The only catch: she can’t do it as herself. If she wants the gig, she’ll have to pretend to be someone else entirely….

Fans of Working Girl, Big Business and The Office will love Taking Flight - a f/f workplace romcom inspired by the screwball comedies of the ‘40s, the shoulder pads and boardroom hijinks of the ‘80s and the sapphic romance of the here and now!



A MAIDEN VOYAGE…The Pepper Kay is no stranger to the open seas, but now she has a new captain: God. His maiden voyage aboard the newly-acquired vessel will be operated by a crew greener than seaweed. With a reputation like God’s, they were all he could find.


NO MAN’S WATER…The Pepper Kay and her greenhorn crew, captained by God and his shady deckboss Nash, voyage into the brutal unknown of the Bering Strait in search of Dungeness crab. But, when a storm rolls in and the crew hauls from the depths an impossibility, something ripped from the pages of nautical folklore, tensions mount and the crew separates into factions: good versus evil.


THOSE WHO DWELL IN DARKNESS…Nash has plans for their newest catch, plans God is not a part of, and the deckboss will wade through blood and chum before he allows his goal to be blocked. As the crew dwindles, laid low one by one, the remaining shipmates must faceoff against not only the human evil of Nash, but something much, much older.​


"Compelling characters along with deeply felt horror that comes from both the human monsters, and terrifying denizens of the deep. Stellar writing, tightly woven plot, perfect pacing. Highest recommendation - I absolutely love deep sea horror and this is a prime example" -

Laurel Hightower, Author of Crossroads & Below

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